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Pool Safeety Specialist, Pool Nets, Pool Covers, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
Pool Nets, Pool Covers, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Our Pool Safety Products & Services

Safety Nets for Pools

The pool net system allows for easy and quick access to your pool yet provides safety for the kids and maintains the visual appeal of the water.

PVC Covers for Pools (safety or standard option)

PVC Covers for Pools enables you to close down your pool for the months you do not use it and save on electricity, chemicals and water and keep the dirt and leaves out. If you want to keep the kids safe go for the safety type which is easier to get off and on. This type of cover is more suited to the standard shape pools.

Shade Cloth Covers

This cover acts just like the standard PVC cover but is lighter and easier to handle and the material is more UV stable and less prone to degradation from the sun. It also ideal to keep small pets out of the pool. You can choose from a 96% or 80% sun block out option depending on your budget.

Solar Blankets for Pools

Solar blankets for pools are easy to put on and take off. Not only keeps your water warm but keeps out dirt and leaves.

Repairs & Alterations to Pool Nets and Pool Covers

We do repairs to most pool nets and do alterations or adaptations to suit your needs. If you need to refit your old pool net after installing new paving get in touch.

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